Erection services


We know everything about safe and professional assembly

  • own assembly teams with 20 years experience in assembly of all kinds of steel structures,
  • modern assembly equipment – self-propelled lifts, building cranes, scaffoldings,
  • speed combined with good cooperation with teams performing the remaining building works,
  • screw joints made with the use of torque spanners,
  • standard use of increased strength screws with factory anticorrosive protection,
  • efficient geodetic service proving high quality of assembly.tażu

30 years of safe building, with no failures, catastrophes or accidents. Our skills guarantee fast and easy assembly.



Preparation for shipment, loading, transport

  • accurate marking of elements prevents assembly mistakes and shortens the assembly time

Geodetic quality control, chemical anchoring​

  • traditional anchors manufacture or chemical anchors delivery – in accordance with a construction design,
    assembly based on geodetic evaluation, confirmation of making correct places of anchoring.

Assembly based on geodetic survey confirming correct preparation of anchoring places

  • After assembly completion and before leaving the building site, our steel structures always undergo dimension control carried out by specialized geodetic companies.