Industrial and power engineering

OMIS has several years of experience in the fields of design, production, erection and maintenance of equipment together with:

  • installation,
  • auxiliary infrastructure,
  • plants and supply systems ( power, automation, fire and explosion protection),
  • ATEX requirements fulfilment,
  • design, prefabrication and erection of transport, loading, unloading, separating, measuring systems
  • machines and equipment matching,
  • modernizations and current or periodic repairs
  • vibroacoustic and infrared diagnostics,



We have gained experience in the following areas:

  • transporters,
  • pumps,
  • sorters,
  • steam traps,
  • dispensing plants,
  • mechanical and biological effluent treatment plants,
  • for pulp –paper mills, power plants, mining and food processing plants.


CMMS SUR-FBD – solution target

Taking into account the client’s expectations and the need to meet the growing range of activities, OMIS decided to implement a CMMS platform to support the work of Maintenance Branch in Stora Enso facility. After a thorough market analysis we decided to chose SUR-FBD solution. Experience and elasticity were the most important aspects.


Expected results:

  • decrease in the amount of breakdowns and shutdowns,
  • precise maintenance cost control of the individual devices,
  • access to accurate information regarding executed orders,
  • better planning and organisation in relation to maintenance teams,
  • faster access to information about breakdown and how to fix it,
  • more effective parts purchasing and storage management,
  • better communication and cooperation with the customer